As an interdisciplinary artist, I work across all mediums to find the perfect material translation for each project. Regularly pulling from events involving my dual role as mother/artist I am drawn to the domestic and strive to reveal the inherently unseen aspects of the everyday. I am invested in living a life of meaning that holistically blends my studio practice with my daily life as the caregiver of young children, homeschool mom and college art professor. My work depicts the challenges of everyday life and the unseen work that goes into my days. My love/hate relationship with my kitchen might manifest in my drawings and paintings that celebrate work and the labor of love with a hint of furry and frustration shown in the economy of line found in blind contour drawings. My willingness to continually give is seen in my ongoing social practice performance, “I Will Mend Your Clothes”, where I set up my sewing machine and offer to mend the clothes of strangers for free. As a caregiver, I’m often finding myself in such situations where I need to patch clothes, fix toys, read books a loud, build Legos as well as wash and iron clothes, clean the dishes, cook dinner, pickup after little ones, grocery shop, make treats, pay bills, feed pets etc. In the chaos of my daily life I find inspiration for performances, audio installations and video work. Objects play a special roll in all this as things get collected in my family and passed down from mother, to mother and big brother to little brother. In my work “Mother Spirt” I document items that were passed on to me after my mother died of brain cancer in 2017 by creating cyanotypes of her clothes and jewelry. I believe that material has meaning and my work will continue to suss out the poetic inheritance of everyday objects and actions.